Sunday, April 12, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday to Bar

I just realized I'm a terrible two-horse Mom.

I remembered Lena Rey's birthday and posted to her, and I remembered Bar's birthday, but didn't write a special post for him. He was 9 years old on April Fool's Day!

He is certainly worth a happy birthday post.

I've had a challenging year with him, as anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows. He has made me come up with new tricks and face my own fears more than once.

He has also come so far and shown so much willingness to learn and work with me--okay, not always when I'm in the saddle, but we'll get there--that it gives me much genuine joy and amusement and keeps me engaged and entertained with that big, beautiful, brown horse.

Happy (belated) birthday, Bar!!

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