Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Funny picture and brief update

My horses are enjoying the mud -- Lena more than Bar. Bar looked like this the other day, but only after rolling his rain-slicked body in the round pen. I told him he looked like a cocoa-dusted chocolate cookie. Lena just looks cocoa-dusted and beautiful.

Bar and I are doing some fun stuff and I think we've crossed some line somewhere, though I couldn't tell you where or when. He's definitely being more responsive and willing--so much so, I've gotten on him bareback with just a halter. Twice! (Okay, only in the round pen, but still.)

I love the close contact we get with no saddle, and he seems to like it, too. He responds to weight shifts and just meanders around with me up there as if it's the most normal thing he's ever done.

Maybe it is.

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