Friday, February 04, 2011

Sometimes good guys do finish first

Photo taken in November 2010, first race back after 6 months off

The world of Thoroughbred racing (at least pre-Zenyatta) had a pretty bad reputation, and not entirely undeserved. We are lucky enough to know some really great folks who care a lot for their racehorses--enough to find two of them good homes with us when they couldn't race anymore.

They had a good day today. A really good day.

Their big mare, Sittytwofitty, won her first race today. Sitty nearly always finishes in the money--and runs like she loves it--but today was special. Today she hung at the back at first but finished at the front, her big strides eating track as she passed the other horses to beat the field by 2-1/4 lengths. I want pictures of her there at the end--stretched out, happy ears, reaching for the finish line with every part of her big body.

Congratulations to my favorite ON-Track Thoroughbred! Great job, Big Girl--we all knew you had it in you and really wish we'd been there to see it in person!


Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Any video? I'm a sucker for the come from behind wins.

I'm going to Azusa, CA for work related training in April. I fenagled a hotel across the street from Santa Anita. I'm pretty stoked.

Jessica Boyd said...

Dave, I wish I had a) been there to take video or b) allowed downloads or c) Golden Gate Fields had a YouTube page!

Best I can do is share the link to and tell you to go to race replays, create an account, and watch her kick it into gear at the half mile.

And really??? I'm so jealous! I was right next door to Los Alamitos week before last, but we didn't stay there and it was between appointments, so no field trip. :( Bah.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Okay, that was downright amazing! No two ways about it. What a beautiful mare.

Sorry you couldn't get to Los Alamitos. Bummer!