Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hobo bundle

Hobo bundle, with a side of boots
Weather in Northern California this time of year can range from torrential rain to freezing temperatures at night and near 80-degree temperatures during the day.

I have to wear nice clothes to work. High heels and horses are not a good combination.

Hence what I lovingly refer to as the hobo bundle.

It consists of every possible layer I might need in order to be the right temperature when it's time to ride. A t-shirt alone if it's warm. A long-sleeved cowboy shirt if it's a little bit cooler. A pair of fleece lined riding tights and a pair of regular cotton riding breeches. Two liner layers, a fleece vest, and a sweatshirt. The rain jacket lives in the car this time of year, so is not an integral part of the hobo bundle, nor are the stocking cap or baseball hat--both permanent wardrobe components.

The wrapping itself is a bit of an art, enabling ease of transport. Sweatshirt lays out flat, vest next, the rest piled in the middle then tied up neatly.

In the summer, the hobo bundle will be encased in the long-sleeved cowboy shirt--unless it's as cold as last summer. Then the sweatshirt will simply have to remain in play.

Life in Northern California requires layers. Many and variable. Like an onion. Or an ogre? Either way, the hobo bundle is a way of life.

At least until I can convince my boss grubby, rumpled clothes that smell of horse are an important asset to the business.

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lmel said...

Hah, I love the bundle. I often come to work from the barn, or head there after, and come in lugging boots, breeches, etc. Fortunately, our back office isn't used much--no complaints yet about the horsey smell :)