Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer arrives in Sonoma County

Pismo Beach, November 2011
Suddenly, it's June and time to enjoy longer days and warm weather with the ponies. It really seems like yesterday that we were in Pismo Beach for Thanksgiving--enjoying warm weather in November before a winter that was just weird. We had roasting hot days, then rain and storms just when we thought it was all over--twice delaying our trip to Slide Mountain!

Suddenly it is convertible and tank top weather--and time to stock up on sun screen. My Irish heritage makes this a necessity if time in the sun is to exceed 15 minutes. And that's with anything below SPF 30. It is also the time of the year for perpetual hat hair as I strive to keep the rays off my often-burned (over the years) nose.

It is also the time of year I get lazy horse. "It's hot," he says. "I'm sweating, ew," he wiggles under saddle. Now in some ways, this is good. I got a very lovely and gentle canter today due to the lazy factor.

In some ways, this is bad.

"Yes, you need to continue trotting."

"BUT I'm HOT."

"And my riding breeches are sticking to my thighs, do it anyway."

"Fine. But just so you know, I am not happy with this situation. I'm just too hot to bother spooking or being exceptionally evil."

"Well that's good. Maybe we can both learn a little."

"Pah. It's too hot to learn."

It occurred to me that the two races Calabar won were in the fall--October 15th and November 22nd of 2003. I'll bet they were crisp, cool and sunny fall days. Those are his favorite days, usually involving great displays of bucking and farting and rolling--days you let him get at least some of it out before climbing on. Then you hang on for good measure once you're up there.

But warm weather and sweating are definitely not his favorite.

"Did you notice I'm dark brown? I'm like an equine solar collector."

Big brown solar collector

"We'll ride in the covered arena."

"I'm still hot."

"You're a sissy."

"No, I'm a delicate flower and it's hot!"

"Suck it up and keep trotting."

"Fine, keep posting. We'll see who's tougher."

At the end of the day, it's usually a bit of a draw--especially when temperatures creep above 80. I get just as tired and sweaty as he does--no, I do not glow--and if he at least gives me his attention and tries, I call it good.

Luckily, because we're in Sonoma County, the fog will no doubt make a cooling appearance soon and none of this comes with air you have to swim in as it happens in the Midwest or back east. I'm quite sure Calabar would never get above a walk were we to live somewhere like that. I wouldn't, so why should he? I admire those of you who do swim and ride at the same time. I don't envy you, but I do admire you.

On the plus side, the beach should be PERFECT this weekend. Time for ponies and riders to escape the arena! With plenty of sunscreen for some of us, of course.

Hello, summer!

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