Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forrest the student

Forrest and his unicorn braid
I love Katie's horse Forrest. He's like an unspoiled vision of a horse--kind of like Lena, only even more trusting and eager. Lena is trusting, she just thinks she knows better than you do most of the time. Calabar is trusting.. primarily of me, and then only most of the time. Neither of them can match Forrest's eager-beaver nature, though--not by a long shot.

Maybe it's because he's young? Maybe our two horses are too jaded by the arena to attack it with as much energy as the young unicorn pictured above?

Thinking about it, as much as Forrest is like Katie in most things, he is like me in one thing. He is the kid in the front of the class trying to get the teacher's attention by coming up with an answer--any answer--as long as the teacher picks him. This was me as an older student, not me as a younger student. I had to realize there was something interesting out there to learn. Looks like Forrest has already figured that out.

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