Thursday, November 22, 2012

A little luck, a lot of thanks, maybe some dancing

There is much in my life that is good and I am so very thankful for all of it--so much bounty, too much to list out without sounding like I'm bragging about what are truly blessings. One of those blessings is still having my friend Devon on the planet to remind me to get back on the horse. Which she has done. Frequently. No whining allowed, Jess.

Little Devon, Big Miz
Devon goes home from the hospital today to continue her recovery from what could have been a much more catastrophic injury and is herself determined to do what it takes to get back on horses somehow, someway--even it if takes awhile to get there.

Miz surveying the track at Santa Rosa this summer
In the meantime, her horse Milazzo is racing on Saturday. Devon is hoping to get to the track to watch, but there are inherent challenges with that at the moment. Miz has won a couple races and placed in a few more. He has speed and stamina and eats up track with his huge stride. He loves to run. Seriously. He finishes a mile-long (or more) race and comes cantering back looking like he could do it all over again--ears up, long legs loose and swinging. He won't have his Devon there with him for at least a little while, so if any of you want to send your good energy to a big, goofy racehorse on Saturday, I know Devon would appreciate it. Eighth race. Big (17+ hands) brown horse with a white blaze and a gap between his front teeth. You can't miss him.

I am thankful Devon can at very least watch the races from home, even if she can't be there to cheer him on in person. I'm pretty sure a good race where Miz runs well and comes home healthy will make her feel even better. A win? Well, that might give her enough energy to get up and dance a few steps.

Let's hope she gets to dance, shall we?

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Jessica said...

Good Luck to Miz and to Devon in a speedy recovery and an opportunity to return to horse back sooner rather than later <3