Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good year for horses, bad year for blogging

This year is flying by--so fast and so full of fantastic experiences with the vastly different horse personalities in my life that the documentation side of this likely life-long project has come to a screeching halt.

I see you with those other horses. Don't think I don't.
Yep. I think we can safely--possibly officially--say horses will be an ongoing work-in-progress for me.

Today--after a brief but slightly terrifying stint of shopping--I got to play with both of my own horses, which was quite a treat. We just took them to the round pen, but Lena Rey showed just how fast and balanced she can be in a tight circle. Both ways. Round and round she went until she began to relax and stretch down, which was the goal. Well, the goal for me anyway. Lena wanted to go for a nice trail ride on the beach but holiday weekends on the coast are not great for feeling safe when pulling a horse trailer. Vacationing hordes do not make for stress-free hauling. Trust me.

Then on to Bar, who walked up to me and practically shoved his face into his halter. "Finally you're going to play with ME! Yay!"

He's really not neglected, he just thinks he is.

He started out relaxed and got even more relaxed, dropping his head into a perfect perpendicular and licking and chewing through all three gaits. What he really wanted was to do some more jumping like we did the other night but sadly there were chores at home to do and one of us is new at her job and has to work Sunday and Monday. Bah. It would be much worse if I didn't love my job. Of course, winning the lottery would not be so bad, either.

But until then, I balance all my equine friends as best I can--trying to be sure everyone gets at least a little of my attention.

The blog, on the other hand, needs some TLC. And soon. I just have to find a teensy bit more time in the day. Week. Month?

Eh, it will happen. Eventually. Right?

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