Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aahh, Spring

Spring is here, and with it comes mud (thanks to much-needed rain) and lots of shedding as winter coats slick out on their way to being summer coats.

We have hair, lots of hair, coming off both Bar and Lena in gobs. Some of it ended up on the groomer (me), but a lot of it ended up in the barn alley in piles of radically different colors and textures. Lena's hair is thicker and the white hair seems to be shedding out faster. Calabar has a soft, downy undercoat and it gets in my mouth as it fluffs off in clouds under the shedding blade.

This first pass was just the beginning.

Big wad of horse hair
And my horses love the mud. They are quite creative in their self-decoration, both of them.

Happy muddy brown horse

Gorgeous muddy spotty horse
Calabar even managed to ice his backside, which means there were some gymnastics.

Butt mud
Good to know my horse was self-adjusting his long spine.

Look at that muddy butt
I'm glad we are getting rain, really glad. Even if it means my horses are either muddy or blanketed. Blanketed if I want to ride or muddy if I don't mind taking time to groom for awhile before getting on.

Ah, spring. It's lovely.

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