Friday, April 04, 2014

Bouncy horses

Yee haw!
Remember these? I can still hear the sound of the springs squeaking maniacally as I did my level best to launch myself to the sky.

My horse (and several others at the barn) are channeling their plastic imitator this week. Spring, green grass, cool weather and some sunshine have all added up to wild ponies showing off their inner dragons. Or maybe just showing off to one another in the ageless dance of spring, trying to prove they are a good mate.

I'm not sure what good bucking and farting does for him, but Calabar put on quite a show last night when I turned him loose in the arena--highest bucks I've seen him do in quite awhile. Maybe he was adjusting his pelvis? Or maybe he was just feeling strong and healthy and thrilled to be able to run a little.

Lena just likes to wander around and sniff things--probably looking for stray carrots--but it's good for her to relax and wander a bit. She reserves her silliness for spooky corners and the dreaded jump poles. We practice WALKING over the jump. Not hopping. Not bolting over it. WALKING. Thinking is good, too.

Even though the horses are all spring-loaded at the moment, I'm looking forward to spring and sunny days after all this much-needed rain. And thankful we finally got all this rain. Having the hills summertime brown in late winter was disturbing for horses and humans alike.

Happy Spring!


lmel said...

Don't you just love watching horses enjoying spring and life? Yup, it's bouncy horse season!

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