Monday, February 19, 2007

Sharing one horse

There are three of us that ride - Steve, Katie, and me. The reason Ike and Cheri picked Lena for us is that she is not only strong and energetic enough to be ridden that much, her personality is such that she can handle the changes between all three of us without batting too many of her long eyelashes.

We are very lucky to have a horse like her, but sometimes it would be nice to have another horse so two of us could ride together, or even so two people could ride in one day without having to do too much schedule arranging.

But two horses means doubling the cost each month, not to mention the cost to buy the other horse, and we just can't do it right now.

Phil and Karey, owners of Taffy and Doc, tell us that until Phil bought Taffy, they would take Doc up on trail rides together. One would ride up and one would ride down. That'll be harder with three, but as I told Katie - at least with two of us not riding, the hikers would have company.

Patience is key but it's not my strong suit, so it's hard. I can think of so many potential adventures that waiting is arduous at best. But I can wait. I can help make sure we are financially ready for this next stage. No, really I can.

Really. I can. :-)

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