Thursday, April 19, 2007

Horse Body Work - Lessons

I started an equine massage and acupressure class this semester at the JC, taught by Diana Thompson a local celebrity in the horse community.

You know by now I'm a little obsessive about learning more about horses and being a horse owner, so this would be an obvious next step for me in my weird and wild horse education.

I really like the theories behind Eastern medicine, in particular the ideas behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Maintaining a balance in mind and spirit to optimize your health makes a lot of sense for humans, and as kooky as it may sound, for horses, too.

The first thing I am working on with Lena are the five calming points, for obvious reasons. I actually think they make a difference, though we're still getting her used to relaxing into that calmer space.

The flow of energy through the body, indeed through the universe, seems like an interesting way to look at a horse. And at my own body, which for all its comparative smallness, isn't that different.

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