Monday, October 01, 2007

Horse Anatomy

Last Monday night Ryan and I went to his Uncle's horseshoeing class at SRJC Shone Farm.
Task of the day - dissecting horse legs! It sounds like a gross activity but it's actually very interesting. The horse's leg is very complex and it's fascinating to see how it actually works. At Cal Poly we did a lot of dissections in my animal science classes so it wasn't foreign territory but it's amazing how quickly you can forget!
See if you can identify some of the main tendons,ligaments, and bones:
Extensor Tendon
Superficial Flexor Tendon
Deep Digital Flexor Tendon
Suspensory Ligament
Navicular bone & bursa

For a more detailed picture (slightly grosser) check this pic out : Detailed View

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Jessica Boyd said...

Awesome post, Katie! I (of course) looked at the "grosser" picture. :-)

I think it is so interesting to do the dissection (which I did in Stewart's - Ryan's uncle - class a couple semesters ago) and then go back and look and feel again your own horse's legs.