Monday, September 29, 2008

Another New Edition in 2008

On Friday night Ryan and I arrived home late after going to the Giants game in SF. I was drifting off into a deep slumber when I was jolted awake by Bee's neighing. Something had to change. I marched off to the barn the next morning for my lesson and started chatting to my friend, Nicole, while grooming our horses. I asked her about her goat she had generously offered up the week before. She was having trouble with him because he kept head butting the older sheep in her pasture. So the next morning, Ryan and I drove over to her ranch, horse trailer and all! I spent most of yesterday watching over the pasture, making sure Bee didn't trample him down like he did with the sheep. My midnight check calmed my nerves when I saw eight legs, all attached! Today when I came home to feed them lunch, I saw the two of them grazing side by side in the pasture. I'm so excited that Bee and Chuggy are friends at last and I expect to get through tonight without being jolted out of sleep by a whinny!


Eva said...

I love it! So cute.

Jessica Boyd said...

Yay! I'm glad Bee has a friend!

Susan & MoneyPenny said...

Get some more and start making cheese. Then you can bring the cheese and the wine!