Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday afternoon trail ride

My daughter Katie and I took Bar and Lena out today for a great trail ride, though we had some interesting technical difficulties. Lena managed to tweak the pin that holds the trailer divider enough so it won't latch right and she ends up with an inch or two more room for her hind end. Argh. Since she didn't scramble as much in the trailer either direction (scrambling being a relatively new development for her), I'm wondering if she figured out how to ease her claustrophobia on her own.

Both horses were easy to load (despite lots of commotion from a horse show going on at the barn) and eager to get out for a ride. Once we got Lena in, Bar was so eager to go, I had to restrain him a little while Katie was securing the divider! (This was obviously before the bent pin.)

We went out to Shiloh, where it was pretty toasty, but kept them at a pretty mellow walk most of the time. Bar is doing much better with his downhill, really getting his hind end underneath to brace himself better and not rushing as much. He felt much more sure-footed and confident, which was pretty cool.

After we were done, Lena played in the water trough, splashing and blowing bubbles. Bar wanted to roll, but it was too rocky. Then he thought briefly about climbing into the water trough, but I discouraged him. Maybe we're getting close to being able to handle water crossings? Ha!

It is really good to be home for at least a little while, and really grand to be out on the trail with my daughter and our horses. Bar has come so far and is so willing to go along with us (at least most of the time), I can hardly believe it. Well, I can believe it, I'm just glad we stuck it out with him. He's totally been worth it. And look how handsome he is!

All in all, a fabulous Sunday afternoon.

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