Saturday, October 10, 2009

A funny thing called trust

Trust is a funny thing--delicate, fragile, and easily shaken.

Both Bar and I have trust issues, but he has shown me over the last week that he's willing to work with me, even when he isn't exactly sure what I'm asking. That's a big (huge) step for him.

Now I owe him a little more of my trust, and I'm finding it bit by bit as I get on and ride him more.

His tolerance seems to have increased, probably in direct correlation to his confidence and--I'll give myself a little credit--the time we've spent and consistency of work we've done. Instead of taking advantage of my seat wavering out of balance, he slows down and lets me get back under control. Instead of flying off the handle when he can't figure out what I'm asking, he tries to do something familiar to see if that's the right thing. He even gives me his attention when he hears the grain cart go past, or when other horses go by--both former triggers for eruptions or even just grumpiness.

My friend Karen said her horse Bobby--also an ex-racehorse--was and is her best teacher. Lena Rey is an excellent horse and a tremendously gifted teacher and without her, I would never have been able to keep working with Bar. He, however, has taken my horsemanship to levels I never considered, and that don't appear to have a limit.

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Kate said...

That's pretty darn exciting! - I'm feeling very much the same way with Dawn right now - that development of mutual trust, and the ability to work through worrisome issues together, is the beginning - and you're right - it's a path with no limits.