Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trail ride before the rain starts

Trail ride before the rain starts
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I know I should be glad that the first big storm of the season is
bearing down on us, but I am sad to see the probable end to trail riding for the year.

It was a good day, with only a couple mishaps. We borrowed Phil and Carey's three-horse and put Lena in first. She did her scramble thing and now I need to replace Phil's front rubber mat. Sigh.

But both horses did a better-than-expected job tolerating a long-ish drive to pick up Karen's horse, a delay while we got Ellie loaded, and having to be good, calm role models since it was Ellie's first time out!

I'm happy to report that even Bar surpassed my wildest expectations!

What a great way to (hopefully not, but probably) end the season.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! And glad you had a good ride!

aurora said...

Great that you were able to hit the trail, and end with success!