Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lena and Katie

Lena had been ridden a lot this week--twice by Katie and twice by Steve by the time today rolled around. So when Katie went to get her out of her paddock today, Lena tried to object. She didn't succeed, but it was a fine display of athleticism vs. stubborn Katie.

Stubborn won out.

Then Katie tried the new English saddle on Lena. I didn't get any pictures of the riding part because I was working with Bar during most of their ride, but did see Lena relax into a beautiful engaged frame and Katie do a much better job posting than I have been able to master so far. Sigh.

Good to see Katie riding more and it's really good for Lena to have more work. Bad for that spotty horse to get bored!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was happy with the new saddle - maybe the old one was bothering her and that was the source of her reluctance? She's a pretty mare!

Jessica Boyd said...

Thanks, Kate!

She is a pretty mare, isn't she?

I think her normal saddle fits pretty well, she just thought she'd been out enough and wanted to play a little. She gave in pretty quickly and she and Katie had a nice ride.