Sunday, August 07, 2011

Back to lessons

Jess and Bar in Jamestown

After a three week hiatus, Bar and I had another lesson with Peter today.

Peter is trying hard to figure out how to untwist me, particularly at the trot. The walk is okay, and I even think I do okay at the canter. But the trot throws all my flaws into harsh relief.

I put too much weight in my left foot (doesn't matter which direction we're traveling), and struggle to keep my lower legs behind the cinch. I bounce too high out of the saddle and don't lead with my pelvis when I post.

So Peter had me perch, not post. Put weight in both feet, shorten up my reins and arch my back. It was a little bit like what Ike had me do, though less forward. Ike had me much more forward, arms up over Bar's neck, my butt back over Bar's back--almost racing position.

The techniques were a little different, but the results were similar. I was less twisted, and Bar moved up into my hands. In fact, the brown ears pricked forward and he relaxed, confident in his ability to carry me in this familiar position.

It was a good lesson and gave me concrete things to work with until next week, which helps me a lot. Reading and visualizing are helpful, but having specific exercises to use gives me ways to gauge my progress.

However, my thighs currently feel like we've bounced our way through an 80's aerobics work out.

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