Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last lazy day at the ranch

The last three days have gone by fast, but we've loved every minute of it. Even the more interesting minutes. Like chasing Calabar around in the vegetable garden. (See my previous post).

Calabar and his favorite tree at Slide
Today, I had big plans to get up early and ride twice--once in the morning, then once more later this afternoon. I got up early, but things are moving slowly here and all of us--horses included--are feeling mellow and relaxed, so one ride may have to suffice.

This really is one of my most favorite places on earth to be, not that I've been a lot of places, mind you, but the energy here is so good and the occasional lack of cell service is not such a bad thing. (She says, blogging away in a totally comfortable chair on the wireless we suggested they add.)

It's not fancy. No one turns down your sheets and leaves chocolate on your pillow every night. But nobody tells you how to ride (unless you ask for a lesson) and the peace and quiet--added to ponies right out the back door--is like heaven for me. Even though said ponies expect a treat every time they hear the bunk house door open.

We sat and had dinner on the deck last night, in full view of Calabar and Lena. They watched us the whole time, listening to us laugh and tell stories as they swished flies. They both seem happy and calm, though it took Calabar a little longer to get there. Lena seemed to say, "Oh, I remember this place," and settled in fairly quickly. Ike says she sure recognized the mule, aka the "food mobile," which comes as no surprise to those of us who know and love the spotty horse with the voracious appetite.

That same deck will be a perfect place to watch this evening's solar eclipse after we get that last ride in, which seems like an appropriate ending to our visit. Eclipse, my other favorite spotty horse--and Lena's older (he's 28) brother--was named for the eclipse. He and I have a grooming date today, so I actually get two e(E)clipses in one day.

I know people who push hard from one end of their vacation to the other, cramming in as much activity as possible. That's fine for them, and admittedly, it is hard for me to sit still and relax for too long--even with a good book. But this down time has recharged my seriously sapped batteries in a way that running from one thing to the next (which is what I do at work every day) could never do.

So now I will sign off and enjoy the rest of this day. Catch you all on the flip side!

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