Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Where have I been?

Not very far, it turns out. Just very busy.

Apparently my part-time job situation was a very temporary thing. However, during that brief lull, I found a lot to do so am now busier but having more fun than I could ever have imagined.

Paris nibbling
The NCRR crew is doing well, though our dream facility fell through due to insurance reasons (see my post about how lawyers and the insurance industry are killing the horse industry and spare me repeating one of my top rants.) Paris, our first rehab, has settled in nicely with Karen and is continuing to impress all of us with her gentle nature and sweet personality. We are hoping for rehab number two -- Gio -- to move up to Sonoma County at the beginning of June now that we've managed to find an existing facility.

We're all learning a lot about this part of the pie--how easy it is to find homes for some horses and how hard it is for the rest of them. It may be the most discouraging thing to deal with but it is the reality of what we're doing and just makes the success stories that much more inspiring.

Calabar and I continue to progress little by little. He still wishes I were braver more of the time, but we're both glad my butt has stayed in the saddle (knock wood) lately. We have a new Equipedic pad we're trying and so far it seems to fit the bill and the withers of doom. It's so nice, Steve thinks he may have to order one for Lena, but will test out mine on her first.

Lena is doing very well and even took Steve over a jump quite nicely thanks to Allie's tutelage. Lena quite enjoys the extra attention and riding and it has been really good for her. Calabar has relaxed about letting someone else ride Lena, too, now that he sees how happy Lena is.

Katie and Forrest--Western style
Forrest continues his progression as a Western horse. At a recent event, a woman we were talking to assumed that because we rode Thoroughbreds, we rode English. Katie pulled up this picture of her and Forrest just to prove our point--don't pigeon-hole a Thoroughbred!

Steve, Lena, Calabar and I (corrected, thanks Mom) are headed up to Slide in a few more days to trail ride and play with cows. Calabar is hoping he actually gets to be on the same side of the fence this time. I think he's ready. I may even be ready. We are all certainly ready for a vacation.

Heck, there might even be a few more blog posts and pictures of us in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're all doing well! Love seeing TBs in western tack, and QHs in English. I ride both ways, and my TB Dawn has done some basic cattle work and really enjoyed it.