Saturday, January 11, 2014

Once upon a time

It's amazing what technology can do.

For instance, linking my new phone to various accounts means my photo gallery contains gems from the photo archives I might have forgotten about.

Like the face of the horse I fell in love with back in 2007. He looks younger, different, than he does now. And I love him even more now after what all we've learned together.

Oh, that sweet face. Little did I know. :)
And a more typical expression.
Or the first time we took Lena to the beach all by her lonesome. Well, except for Katie, Steve and me, of course. This is Lena demonstrating her athletic abilities against those fearful logs.

Logs.. less scary than waves.
As I scroll back in time, there are many photos reminding me of roads we've all traveled with the horses. There is also hindsight--a look of confusion or anxiety on Calabar's face that I missed way back then. Or a smile on my face that reminds me I have always loved both horses in spite of sometimes less than stellar behavior on their parts.

Aw, so cute. Right before they broke my ribs in 2010.
I rode through an antic last night--one of those unexplained spooks that make no sense to anyone but the horse spooking--and realized my butt is stickier than it used to be. Or perhaps my balance is better. Or maybe I just know my horse well enough now to stay with him during the anticipated squirt forward in "that corner" of the arena.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Um, two big trucks leaving at the same time?" said Calabar. (Last time it was a bird screeching outside the arena.)

"Oh. Can we get back to what we were doing, now?"

And we do. Or we take a few moments to do something familiar, something we both know, so the focus comes back.

Pretending we know what we're doing.
Because the great thing about horses is there is always now, which means you are always moving forward--even if you have to step backwards to do it.

The great thing about my horses is they always keep it interesting.

"Are we done dressing up, yet?"

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lmel said...

Periodically, I scroll through our horse albums and recall moments--the fun, scary, silly and poignant times. Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing your pics.