Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Year of the Horse

Welcome to 2014--the Year of the Horse according to Chinese astrology.

It's been the year of the horse for me for over eight years, since that August afternoon in 2005 when Lena Rey Flo stepped off the trailer and into our lives for good. Or for evil, depending on her mood. Since then, we have added to our equine family as well as introduced extended our reach to include the Neigh Savers horses that have passed through on their way to new homes.

Here are some of my favorite shots from 2013, including a fitting one of Lena with her Christmas crown:

"Finally an appropriate outfit," she says.

Dixie (a successful NS adoptee) at her first show
Another NS adoptee, Clyde, with his new mom Mary Sue. I got a friend out of this deal, too!

My darling daughter was busy this year and is on her way to
exciting adventures in the land of EMT-ness.
Calabar made friends with Allie who lets him jump over things.

A horse-free vacation diving in Belize also occurred.
And another horse-free interlude in Catalina.
Star Nicholas, aptly named, came in October...
Got dressed up once..
And again for the holidays..
And moved to LA to pursue an acting career.
My own horse sporting feathers. "Really, Mom?"
We had a lot of adventures in 2013--no wonder the year flew by! Things may look a little different for 2014 but it will, astrologically speaking or not, still be a year of horses for us.

Happy New Year!


lmel said...

Happy New Year! Let's hope the Year of the Horse is a good one--good for all the horses rescued, rehabbed, retrained, and loved.
Love the feathers on your boy!

Suzanne said...

Happy New Year! Great to catch up!