Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Katie update from Slide Mountain

Being a parent is sometimes really hard, and watching your kid go off on their first big solo adventure is both awesome and mildly terrifying. Now, I've had a lot of practice being separated from Katie, but something is really different this time.

Steve asked me why I was so uptight about all this and I think it's just not being there to watch this stage of her life, so feeling a little left out of it for really the first time. Before, I could always be a little more involved, though I often chose not to. (I'm really no good at Prom preparations, etc., just ask Katie.)

This time, I really have to step back and let her find her own way through it, even though I want to hear every little thing about what she's doing, learning, finding along the way.

I did get several updates, though, and know she's having a blast up there. She had already worked two of their cutting horses yesterday by noon, then rode Starbucks--a mare Cheri wants her to work with--later that afternoon. The last update I got, she had gone out on a night trail ride with Ike.

This will be an experience she will remember her whole life and I'm beyond glad she gets to be out there doing it--as well as so amazingly proud of the young woman she has become.

Just maybe feeling a little of that wistful "my baby's grown up" thing. Just a smidge. Guess I better get over it, huh?

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