Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hail of a trail ride

Katie wanted to go on a trail ride today, even though temperatures (for California, anyway) were awfully chilly. So we grabbed a lot of layers and headed to the barn to load up the horses.

As we were getting ready, one of our barn-mates pulled in with her truck and trailer (and daughter), headed out on a trail ride, too, so we decided to go together. It's was a good test for Bar, and it seemed like time to see how he'd do with new horses in the mix.

Lisa and her daughter, also named Jessica, go out pretty often. Poupon, Lisa's 20-year old Arab, is an ex-endurance horse. They also have a Mustang named Winston that usually lives next to Lena. Lena likes to pester Winston at home, and was not too different on the trail as it turns out.

It was pretty sunny as we loaded up the horses and not too cold, though not necessarily warm all things considered. However, about half way through our ride, we started to hear the pitter patter of what we thought was rain. Then Jessica said, "It's hail! Mom, what are we doing out here?" Bar kept tossing his head wondering how it was a pampered racehorse was out getting struck by icy bits.

But we made it through the hail and had a great ride, though it turns out Lena needs some more training and Bar needs a little more fitness. It's all good, though. Bar did great with new horses in the mix, and Lena is-as always-entertaining and challenging on a ride.

The work with Bar has really paid off. He responded to direction on the trail really well, even when he made it obvious he wasn't thrilled about said direction. His only transgression came when Lena came charging up the hill behind him--Katie working hard to get her under control--and he got a wee bit competitive or worried. We got got them back under control, but not before someone made a panicked-mom cry. Katie might eventually forgive me for it, but I admit it was not my best moment.

Luckily, Lisa and Jessica said they'd still go out with us, so it seems like we did okay after all.


Tammy said...

Glad you got to ride. We are having our first major snowstorm. It's 16 degrees with a windchill of 2. Yes, TWO! Enjoy hearing of others who are still out there at it!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when Lena went charging up the hill, instigating mayhem, that Poupon didn't join in. He was a good boy!


Sara Peyton said...

Hi Jessica, Sorry I missed lunch the other day. Sounds like a great ride! Sara

Jessica said...

Tammy, I am so glad I live in CA. I whine when it gets down to 30, so I can't imagine surviving a windchill of 2!!

Lisa, I'm glad he was a good boy, too! Just have to work on Lena, and me not freaking out of course.

Sara, it was a great ride and I'm sorry I missed you, too!