Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weird local horse mystery to share

This is a story from our local paper about an old horse skeleton (complete with saddle and tack) found in a park.

I wonder if somewhere back down the trail from the horse skeleton, there might be a bucked-off human skeleton? Or did they just walk back to the truck and go home without the horse? Very odd indeed.


Buckskins Rule said...

That is strange. My hunch would be that, somewhere in that state park, is the skeleton of a rider who got thrown and killed. Although...

Years ago my father-in-law's horse spooked and threw him while on a hunting trip. He and a friend spent several days trying to locate the horse. His suspicion is that the horse headed back to the trailer, where, hew was found by someone who thought that he had been sent manna from heaven, in the form of a fully talked up Quarter Horse.

aurora said...

What an unusual story! Hope they solve the mystery to some degree, altho it will likely remain just that - a mystery.