Monday, June 21, 2010


The trip has been delightful so far, with no horses up close but several interesting sights and stops along the way nonetheless. (Second Bald Eagle EVER, and the only one so far where I had a quick enough camera!)

We delivered one of Dad's guitars to my cousin in Eugene and at last report it had new strings, had been tuned, and was playing the Blues nicely. Seems rather fitting for Father's Day that a piece of Dad's legacy went exactly where it belongs.

Washington State has been lovely so far--Mt. Rainier was cloudy but lush, green, awe-inspiring, and gorgeous. Unfortunately we couldn't get to Mount St. Helens from the north--we'll have to plan a return trip--so we ended up in Yakima in one more hotel for the night. Luckily, it seems to be dry enough on the East side of the Cascades we think we can actually get to the camping portion of our trip. All the folks here are saying the same thing we were a month ago about the rain--"It should have stopped by now!" Hopefully, in the next week or so it will--just like it did for us.

Tomorrow we will stock up and start the trek back south, meandering through the Three Sisters and seeing what mischief we can find along the way.

Katie reports the horses are doing well in our absence, though she thinks Bar is wondering why I'm not there. She rode Lena hard today, which is just what they both needed. Lena needed the discipline and Katie remembered how fun Lena is to ride.

I am hoping after my check-in on the Monday after we get home, I'll be cleared for at least light riding--with a new cast of course. Bar keeps asking when we can get away from the arena again and I am so ready. So. Ready.

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Our weather has really been the pits. Still only in the mid 50's yesterday. Didn't feel like July 4th.

After the fall salmon runs, the eagles descend on the rivers to feast on the carcasses. I never cease to marvel at the majesty and size of these beautiful birds.