Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goofy horse videos

I got a new toy for Christmas and really wish the weather were better so I could share videos of us trail riding or something besides the indoor arena and muddy paddocks. As it is, beggars cannot be choosers, so you get a few choice nuggets from two days of a bored, soggy, amateur videographer and her favorite equine subjects.

First, here is Forrest expressing his opinion of day number ?? of rain. It's been so many in a row, I'm not sure any of us can remember. Notice his response to the word "grain."

And here is a not-so-great video of Bar being, well, goofy. I am still learning proper video techniques and apparently switching the angle mid-shoot is not recommended. Sorry! My favorite part of this one (aside from the rearing, which is okay if I'm outside the round pen) is his sideways leap, all four feet off the ground. Sproink!

Last but not least is Lena demonstrating proper rolling technique. She would get all the way over if it weren't for her withers, which must be from the Thoroughbred in her bloodlines.

I do promise to try to post better videos in the future, but it will probably have to stop raining before any really interesting subject matter arises.

Sooo.. maybe June?

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kippen64 said...

I think your videos are great!!! They are precisely the same type of videos that I would take if given a video camera, and I believe the type of videos any loving owner would take with their new video camera.