Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just one little bit

I am a good horse owner, better than most, not as good as a few, and always conscious of the things I haven't done. I did not get to my horse tonight and know I need to get out there tomorrow, if only to try out the saddle I found--an endurance trail saddle made for Gaited horses that sits on his back like it was made just for him. Craftsmanship-wise, it is a work of art. Aesthetics-wise, well.. Steve referred to it as the ugliest saddle he's ever seen. It is, however, set up to be a really nice, lightweight trail saddle. And--I repeat--it seems to fit Calabar like a glove.


It is winter and tonight was a particularly hideous night of deep puddles on roadways (challenging for the Miata) and cold, persistent rain.

It is vexing to not get out there some days, and to not get him the care and exercise he needs on those days. I could guilt trip myself for days, but that is probably not productive for anyone.

This article from Sue at Off-Track Thoroughbreds reminded me that doing what you can is often doing enough.

It could, however, stop raining for a few days. Just a few. Really, that's all I need.


Grey Horse Matters said...

When we boarded our horses, we couldn't get there everyday either. I always felt bad but then again they could use a day off once in a while too. Don't beat yourself up over it, a few treats and you'll be forgiven.

Hope the saddle is comfy and you get in some good rides. No matter how it looks, if it fits that's the main thing.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

You are a good horse owner, and Bar will be fine. The lucky horses are the ones who think they've got it rough when their grain is late.

I googled endurance saddles, and they all looked fairly normal to me, so you'll need to post pics.