Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I do this

I was busy surfing around tonight, checking in on blogs I hadn't read in awhile, when I came across one of my favorite author's "About" page.

Natalie is so right, though I wouldn't have known it until I adopted my own ex-racehorse.
"For those not experienced with retired racehorses, the training path can sometimes be rocky. Many unlucky Thoroughbreds bounce from owner to owner after what seemed like a match made in heaven at the initial adoption or purchase."
Rocky indeed. In Bar's and my case, that could be construed as an understatement.

And yet.
"The purpose of this blog is to ensure that people aren’t just adopting Thoroughbreds, but succeeding with Thoroughbreds."
My successes are not ribbons or higher jumps. At least not yet. My successes are riding my horse and figuring out how to express to him what it is I want and having the light bulb go off for him.

My success is a horse who puts his head in the halter willingly every time I walk into his paddock. My success is a horse who stands quietly while I saddle him. My success is a horse who looks back and sighs when I miss my leap onto his bare back but doesn't move--and then lets me try again.

Bar will not bounce to another owner. He is mine. I am his. We both know it, and it is all good.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure Bar is happy to know he has a forever home with you. It's disturbing how many people just give up and move the horses they can't deal with down the line over and over again.

Daisy said...

AMEN! I love to hear horse owners talk of their commitment to their animals!! It makes my day. Great post!!

Jenn said...

Bar is a lucky guy and I'm pretty sure he knows it, too.

I've love, love, love my Gabe, and he knows he's with me for life. That's just the way I roll. :)