Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good lesson, ugly ankle

Sometimes you get a good reminder that horses are big, powerful animals that often react before they think. Or think too much, anyway.

My daughter Katie was riding Lena the other day down the driveway at the barn to cool her off. I was walking next to them, like I often do, when Lena spooked and whirled into me. Her front hoof caught my left ankle right on the bone and I kind of flew sideways. Then I stood there bent over for a moment, trying to shake off that sharp bone cracking pain.

Katie felt bad, Lena actually did too - she nosed me gently as I hobbled back up the driveway.

It could have been much worse. Lena is a "short" spooker, so she didn't run me over. I have relatively good bones, so my ankle didn't shatter. It was, however, a good reminder that she is big and powerful and sometimes reacts faster than I do.

Shannon says she spooked towards me because I represent safety. Lucky me. Had I been a horse, I would have either wheeled gracefully with Lena or shoved my own bulk into her to tell her she was being silly. As it was, my 126 pounds wasn't quite a match for 1,200 pounds of fast-moving, goofy, spotty horse.

Again, I was very lucky. Now, I'm just waiting for the itch of healing to start - which should be any day now.

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