Friday, November 24, 2006

Horse Trailer Shopping

After the exhileration of buying the truck, I felt a minor let-down upon realizing there would be no more car shopping -- at least for a little while.

But then I realized we could go horse trailer shopping and truck accessory shopping! And, since we're not in a huge hurry, this phase can last for a few months at least.

So I've been to one trailer lot and I've done some research online and I have absolutely no idea what in the world I'm doing.

I do know, I think, what we want. A two-horse, slant-load, bumper-pull, probably aluminum with actual windows at least on one side and a decent-sized tack room. It doesn't have to be new and it doesn't have to be overly fancy, but since it will be hauling someone very precious, it has to be in good shape. And it should be about 7'x7' to fit her royal highness comfortably. (It's the ears we have to allow for, after all.)

I'd also prefer not to pay $18,000 for it, which is what I got quoted the other day for a Featherlite. (I understand they make nice trailers, but that seems pretty pricey in any case.)

After that, we'll have to figure out the wiring and practice hauling the trailer empty a few times before attempting to pull Lena around.

Ah, the start of a whole new adventure.

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