Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Horse blankets

Maybe it's just me, but there is no perfect blanketing solution for horses - maybe particularly in California.

If we work Lena as hard as she needs, she gets sweaty. It's too cold at night to leave her sweaty outside - she doesn't do well in an indoor stall - so we have to blanket her, but she still can't be too sweaty or she'll mold (basically) under her blanket. It makes sense, since it's what would give us athlete's foot if we were to do the same thing, but it does make for a challenge with a horse with Lena's energy.

Katie D. clips Fenway, which works really well for her. But if we did that to Lena, she'd always have to have a blanket on because she's outside. Bah.

Not to mention the blanket maintenence. We have three blankets, all of them dirty at the moment. Really, we need two more so I can wash both the heavy and the light blankets and still have something to cover Lena with.

You would think, with all the backpacking gear in the world, that someone could invent - for not too much money - a waterproof blanket that breathes, wicks moisture away, and doesn't bunch up their hair underneath it. I repeat - for NOT a lot of money!

I suppose I'm dreaming, but if I were the least bit talented, I would figure this out and make millions!

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