Monday, January 29, 2007

Lip sores as promised

As promised, here is a picture of one of her now-healing sores. The pink skin you can see is where the rest of them were, now thankfully healing and healthy. Her gums still look a little bit puffy, but all in all, she is looking much better now.

If you really want a good look, click on the picture. It blows up into a really large picture of Lena's mouth and my hand. Really large. Kinda scary large, but good detail nonetheless.

Quite an experience, to say the least.

I'm thinking of sending this post to the dentist who did her teeth back in October. Might be a good thing for him to know about, too. (And maybe he can tell me how to whiten and brighten her teeth!)


Unknown said...

I am having a simmular problem with three of the five if the horses that I own. The three that are effected are the dominate ones of the heard and they are on pastre only no hay do you know if the yellow weed is predominate in all parts of the country? I live in minnesota. Was it treated using anything else besides removal of the hay if so what?

Jessica Boyd said...

Hi, Joanne.

I found some information on it here on this site. Ours looked a lot like the plant pictured under ZipcodeZoo Photo ID: 178237, only more dried out.

The range looks like North America, so it could be that you have it there in Minnesota. I can't remember if the vet told us to watch for it when it was really dry or really wet. I think it was when it was wet. Ours was in the bales of hay that had been harvested, so probably depending on your pasture situation, it could be there.

Here is a link to a story I did with a picture of it dried out:

Lena is particularly lippy with her food, pushing it around with her nose looking for the tastiest bits, so I think that's why she got such bad sores.

We had tried all sorts of medicines for the sores and nothing cleared them up until we got rid of the hay.

Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress!