Saturday, January 20, 2007

The mouth sore saga continues

We thought Lena's lips were healing - and they are better than they were for awhile, though not completely healed or looking as good as we want.

Then Shannon noticed Scout - a horse that moved in a few months ago and is being sold - had some sores in and around his mouth and worried her horse Tristan would get them if they were contagious, being that Tristan is in the adjacent pen.

Tristan did, complete with inflamed and puffy gums and sores inside his mouth. Shannon showed us his mouth today, so we all rechecked Lena and she has two more, though inside her mouth this time, right where the bit rests.

It's not affecting her appetite, nor is she fighting the bit much, so I don't think they hurt a lot, but it's definitely time to have them looked at again. Unfortunately, Dr. Leslie is out of town until the 29th, so I'll have Shannon's vet look at her when he comes out to check Tristan on the 25th.

In fact, several of the horses up in the top paddocks and pasture area have the sores, so with that additional piece of information, maybe we'll figure this out finally.

Peter wants to blame the hay, but since the horses down below aren't affected, that's probably not it.

The real bummer - besides Lena and the other horses having mouth sores - is that Katie, Finn, Lena, and I were going to go on a trail ride tomorrow but I didn't think risking Finn was a good plan so I cancelled. Bah.

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