Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lena's trailer

My darling daughter was threatening to fire me as the family photographer because I missed several key photo opportunities of Lena interacting with her new trailer. I didn't even have the camera in hand when she loaded perfectly and then stuck her big long neck out the window. Or when she stuck her nose between the slats while Steve was saddling her at the trailer the next day. I admit to some failure on my part.

Luckily for my family photographer career, I did get some cute ones yesterday.

Lena likes to rub her funny lips on the sandpaper on the fenders.

I actually think Lena knows this is her trailer and is just waiting for us to get on the road. We'll make that attempt this weekend, a short ride to a local park to get started.

Okay, Katie - do I still have a job?

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