Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm at a training for a few days this week which - I think - will be a very good thing for me and for my company. It's interesting and gets me all excited about numbers and analytics and making our data work harder for us. (I can hear you all yawning, sorry.)

But I miss my horse.

I miss stopping at the barn on the way to work and getting covered in short, soft hair because she's shedding her winter coat.

I miss those big tall ears pointed straight up and at me as I come up the path to her pen.

I miss riding and working on my balance and my position - all while trying to control the mighty spotty beast.

I'm glad to be learning about this analytics tool we use for our sites. It really is great stuff that makes the numbers geek in me do a little happy dance. (I know, "Yawn, Jessica.")

But I'll bet being away will make that first ride after I get back that much more enjoyable, that much more fun and challenging. I'll probably even welcome cleaning out her pen!

Sometimes you have to go away to appreciate what you have.

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