Tuesday, July 24, 2007

National Day of the Cowboy

So I'm up in Portland at our Open Source Conference, and lo and behold, I find out that this coming Saturday is National Day of the Cowboy.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in parallel universes. Geeks by day and horses by night. Or something like that.

One of the cool things that's happening - both from a horse and parental standpoint - while I'm away is that Katie is going to come up and tend to Lena since Steve and I are both running around elsewhere. This may seem logical on the surface, but it's not just because she's my daughter and is now mobile. It's that there are only a few people I trust to handle Lena the way we think she needs to be handled and Katie is in that (very) small handful. I'm so proud to know a young person who has such a good head on her shoulders, and really glad she's my daughter.

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Joy M. Drennen said...

I think I have managed to hang onto an explanation of Open Source. And, yes, cowboy boots are a long ways away from the Internet. I suppose it would be too hard on you to wear your red boots at trade shows, though. Might make for some interesting conversations. National Day of the Cowboy, huh? Did you figure out where to go to celebrate it?

Love, Mom