Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bee's Doing Well

The vet came out today to check on Bee Boy and he's doing really well!! She took x-rays and the coffin bone did not rotate at all - which is great news! He's still stuck in a stall for a week or two more and needs a light dosage of bute throughout the weekend. Hopefully by Monday I'll be able to take him out for short walks.
He's starting to get a bit antsy in the stall. He tried escaping twice this evening while I was cleaning his stall! He actually made it halfway down the barn aisle!
I think he's feeling better.


Jessica said...

Hey! So glad Bee is doing well, I was worried! Sounds like he's ready to get back to his pasture and eat more grass to me!

terrie said...

I'm also delighted to hear that he's doing well!

Who is the charming friend with him in that photo? Too cute!

Katie said...

Hi Terrie!
The charming critter sitting on Bee's back is my god daughter, Twiggy! She's a rat terrier but looks more like an Italian greyhound.
Say hi to Laika for me!