Thursday, March 06, 2008

On the Road Again.. Still

I'm sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco tonight, getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning for Austin, Texas and South by Southwest. If I had horse ears, they might be positioned much as Lena's are in the photo above - annoyed.

This wouldn't normally cause such angst, but I've already been away from home since Sunday night and - quite frankly - I miss the earthy reality of my horses. Okay, I miss Steve and Katie and home, too, but for many of the same reasons. Warmth, comfort, time to be "off" and time to be me, just me.

Bar and Lena don't care if I say the right thing or if I know the title of Bill Gates' 1999 best-seller is, they just care if I am there, doing what they expect me to do.

I know Steve is taking good care of both horses, getting them ridden and tended and loved and carroted. I just miss that little bit of grounding they provide - though not literal grounding, Bar.

A week from today, barring anything too wacky, I'll be home and asleep in my very own bed. After visiting and riding one of my two crazy horses, of course.

As fun as Austin promises to be, I still can't wait to bury my face in warm horse-ness.

Does this qualify as a syndrome? Probably. Will I seek medical help. Not on your life.

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