Friday, August 29, 2008

Bar's Story--a work in progress

I sometimes wonder about Bar's life before us, what his journey was on his way to being our horse. I haven't yet made it to the races with Devon, which would give me a big piece, I'm sure. I saw this video and it made me wonder just what it was in Bar that made someone pick him, train him, and love him before he was ours. Was it the look in his eye, his beautiful shape and sleekness, that magic "something" that trainers always notice in the movies?

I know Lena's story and where she came from up one side and down the other, and I know a lot about Bar, too. Mostly, though, I know why I picked him--he has a huge personality that just hit me the right way. As I work with him more and we try new and different things, I'm so glad he found his way to us. Even when he drives me crazy.

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