Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just got back from an amazing trip to Duetchland. I tagged along with my one of my best friends in search of a horse for her. We were only gone for a week (including travel days) but we drove over 2,000 km and saw a great portion of the country. Horses are such a big part of their culture and it blew me away to see all the different riding clubs, barns, and horse people. We were so lucky to get connected with Anna, who worked at our friend's farm in L.A. earlier this year. Anna, our "horse agent" as we like to call her, gave us a great insight into the country and to the culture. And she showed us what is was like to drive 120mph on the autobahn!

Pictured above is:
Odie and I with a random goat
Anna, Odie, and I with Anna's horse, Crescendo
A picture of a barn connected to a house! And it's not unusual to see this!!!


Anonymous said...

I totally want a barn connected to the cool is *that*?!

Vorsicht! Finger weg!

Anonymous said...

WOW, BEAUTIFUL!! What a stunning place. Was the trip successful?? I'm oh so jealous of your travels! Hope it was a excellent time, it sounds like it was :D.

Eva said...


That looks like so much fun! Did Odie have any luck in finding a horse?

:) Eva

Katie said...

Thanks for all your comments! The trip was amazing and I'll try to post more soon! We found 4 horses that we like, and two in particular! I will post the top choice once everything is more confirmed - I don't want to jinx anything!!!

Jessica Boyd said...

And why is it that horse owners can be sooo superstitious?

I can think of one drawback to having the barn attached to the house.. especially if Bar and Lena learned how to open doors. "I know she hides the spare carrots somewhere in here."