Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Halloween and Bee Dilemma - what a combo

Last night I played dress up with Huck! We're preparing for some Halloween activities here at the office and I wanted to test out the jazzercise look!
He was such a good sport!

In other news - I'm having a Bee dilemma. He's getting evicted (I'm exaggerating) from the barn because he keeps kicking at the mares in the pastures next to him and breaking the expensive pvc fence. Why is he such a pain? So I need to find him a new situation. Right now I'm thinking of bringing him home for a test run on Monday to see if he'll get along with the six sheep and cow. I also have a friend in LA that might be looking for a school horse - but could I really send him away??

I'm excited at the thought of bringing him home because I'll be able to hang out with him more and he deserves that! And I never lived with my horses! Plus I like controlling every aspect of my horses care: the quality of feed, when they get fed, blanketing, fly masks, and graining! But I do have some legitimate worries: will he get along with the other animals? Will he be okay when I'm traveling and having the fam look after him? Will I be able to trailer him back to stable often enough to ride? Will he be really stressed moving in? Will this work long term? So I think I'm going to buy some hay at lunch time today and give him a proper trial run on Monday when I'll be home all day to post watch. That means I've got some cleaning up do tonight! Gotta make sure those fences are secure!


Eva said...

I think your solution for Bee of bringing him home is great! Good to at least give it a try. I had so many worries before I moved my horses home to my place, and it's worked out so well. They're happier than I've ever known them to be and it's been a real joy. Good luck!

Katie said...

Thanks Eva for your words of encouragement! Your horses are so happy and so well cared for! Hopefully Bee will cooperate and will enjoy the extra care!

Anonymous said...

Oh horses! Bringing him home sounds like a good idea. I've always dreamed about having my horses outside my door :). And like you said it would be nice to control many factors in terms of his care.

Is your family horse savvy?

Jessica Boyd said...

I hope you and Bee do great with him at home! He may like being sort of an only-horse again. ;-)