Friday, January 16, 2009

Horse therapists

Be careful what you wish for, sometimes it happens in unexpected and traumatic ways.

Just the other day, I was wishing I had more time to spend working with the horses. I'm making significant progress with Bar using the new training methods I'm trying and it's so cool! I realize patience is also important, but we are talking about me, here.

Then yesterday, 30 people from my company (about 13.5%) got laid off so O'Reilly can try to weather the economic downturn. I was one of them.

Naturally, I headed straight to the barn after I left the office for the last time, small box of personal items on the back seat of my truck, wads of Kleenex in my pocket.

I worked with Bar and even convinced Lena that the new rope halter was not going to eat her, which was a big step for her. I sat in the sun, cried a little, had my hair nuzzled, handed out treats, and scratched soft velvety noses. I brushed mud from both of their coats, cleaned feet, and put Show Sheen in their manes and tails.

I can't control the economy, and I'm not quite sure exactly where my next step is going to lead, but I do know that--right now, at least--nothing beats the simple and clear interactions these two four-legged therapists offer. Nothing. Thanks, guys.

And thanks again to Derrick Story for helping me take pictures of my dark brown horse. Derrick was also a victim of yesterday's layoffs, but he's still my go-to guy for photography advice.

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Unknown said...

Hey Jessica, wish I had an email address for you or could Twitter DM -- hope you don't mind me leaving this note on here. Just want to say that I already miss hanging out at conferences with you. Best of luck moving forward... wherever you end up next will be lucky to have you. Julie Steele