Thursday, January 22, 2009

Training times two

Despite the circumstances leading to it, I am enjoying the time I have to work with both horses. My body is weary and my muscles are complaining just a little, but that balances out the raw spot of worry and fear in my chest. Most of the time, anyway.

Having the time to work both horses means I've actually ridden both of them in the last two days. Lena has helped me remember, yes, I actually can ride and ride fast while being relaxed. Not that she doesn't try stuff, but my confidence is definitely higher with her, which in turn leads to better communication and cooperation. So even when I'm riding her, I'm learning about how to ride Bar better. Riding him, I'm able to be more relaxed, confident, and clear in my commands. He doesn't always like it, mind you, but we're making progress.

I'm also getting to do the massage and body work on both of them that I like to do, but that falls off when I have no time on my hands or when I'm away. Lena's hip had been showing signs of acting up again, so I've spent time working on it and on her back for the last two days, which seems to have helped loosen things up. With Bar, it's less sore spots as getting him to relax and let me groom him or work on his body at all. He's a little more touchy, unless I'm grooming his mane and tail or working on his lower legs. He will stand still forever as long as I'm working those areas, but the neck is an entirely different discussion as far as he's concerned.

As always, I'm getting just as much training and attention out of this deal as they are, though a little less massage. Their healing powers work wonders on my battered psyche, though.

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