Monday, February 01, 2010

Blogging with regularity

I didn't quite make a post-per-day last month, though I came pretty close.

Now we are into February, though I can hardly believe how fast January went. Of course, there was a lot going on.

I got some comments from some of the folks who had been involved with that arena fiasco with Bar a few weeks back. Their comments went up on the post, and I appreciate their perspective since mine was blocked by a big, brown body at the time.

It is hard to balance life, schedules, and barn time. For now, it seems better for Bar and me to pick times to ride when it's with people we can relax around. There are a couple--besides Steve and Katie--who have steady horses and don't mind his (or Lena's for that matter) sudden bursts of energy. Sproing. They even ride around the same time I normally ride, and one woman has offered to help me work with him any time. Of course, he loves her already because she gave him treats.

This year has had an odd start, and it remains to be seen where it will take all of us, but life really is about the journey and what you make of it along the way. I'm glad horses in general (and Bar in particular) are a part of my travels. Oh, and Steve, Katie, and several other humans, too.

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