Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dad at the barn

I found this picture in my archives, from Thanksgiving of 2007--obviously a nice, warm day in November as sometimes happens in Northern California.

This was before his health really started to deteriorate, so it's a favorite shot of mine--nice to remember him this way instead of in the hospital.

As it turns out, Dad actually used to ride horses with friends of his while growing up in Iowa--a skill he apparently didn't forget, and that came in handy years later on an outing with some group home kids he worked with.

They were out on a trail ride and one of the kids' horse took off. Dad said he didn't even really think, just kicked his horse up to speed and went after them. He caught up to them, grabbed the runaway's reins, and pulled it up short. Nobody was hurt and all apparently ended well.

Upon hearing this story, I was hard put to imagine Dad on a horse, but it is not hard to imagine him riding off to the rescue.

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The Equus Ink said...

I'm so sorry about your Dad. He looked like a kind soul. What a nice picture to remember him by; at the barn, all smiles, him and you :). It looked like one of those lovely CA summer days.

I hope things are going well at the barn.