Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The horses really did get worked last night

Don't let that last post fool you, the photo was from yesterday and all three horses--including the beavers--got worked yesterday.

Of course, tonight we had to drop off a car at the mechanics and I had massage scheduled to try and get my back under control (even Bar's rocking walk doesn't help) so they got no love tonight either. Well besides the adoration that is ever-present in my heart, that is.

It will be a miracle if that post is still standing tomorrow.

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Buckskins Rule said...

Life has an unfortunate tendency to get in the way of our desired riding schedules, doesn't it? I have been in the saddle since last Saturday, and that was cut short out of a desire for self preservation from the antics of those with no understanding of arena event I'm meaning to post about (if I can find the time!)