Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lena

Lena Rey Flo is 9 years old today and has been an important part of our lives for four and a half years.

She'd like to remind us that she is the reason for Spotty Horse News' inception and that treats can be lavished upon her any day, not just her birthday.

I know all horses get a year older on January 1st, but I don't like that rule, so we will celebrate Lena today and Bar on April 1st. (Yes, that is his birthday interestingly enough.)

Happy birthday, Lena!


Buckskins Rule said...

I don't much cotton to the whole Jan. 1st thing either. Smokey turns 21 on April 4th.

I wonder if the folks at the bar would understand if I brought my horse in?

Jessica said...

Congratulations to Smokey! And we actually have a bar locally that has been ridden to from our barn, though not by yours truly. A friend, though, and eye-witnessed!

The only problem would be if Smokey decided to leave a present. Some people do not find eu de horse poop all that comforting.

Buckskins Rule said...

I've seen a few articles in the past about folks getting arrested riding through town drunk.

I think Smokey and will just share a beer in his paddock. Logistically easier.