Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loving the sun

Finally the blankets can be off! Nights are still a little cool, down to 40-45 degrees (yes, this is cold for us California natives), but it is up in the low seventies during the day! The horses seem absolutely thrilled to be naked--and therefore able to fully enjoy rolling around in the dirt in their paddocks. Not to mention with the time change, we now have another hour of light in which to play (or clean, depending).

I admit to being less thrilled just now because I am not allowed to put my newly-replaced convertible top down for another 8 days or so. (And it better be sunny a week from Friday or there will be hell to pay.) Apparently, new tops have to stretch? Drat.

I'm sure once I'm driving to the barn with the top down (in 9 days), radio blaring, and sun shining down (because it better be), I will be as happy as a little clam.

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Dane Jane said...

We all have to stretch, it's good for us! But I do understand your frustration.